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Cleaview Cleaning Services - jet wash & steam cleaningTo complement our high reach cleaning services, we also offer Jet wash and Steam cleaning services.

This is useful for:

  • building cleans
  • car park cleaning
  • pavement cleaning
  • graffiti removal

We can also seal block paving and clean tarmac too.

Car park cleaning

In today’s competitive business environment, presentation is the key, and a high standard in cleaning is expected from your visitors, even within your car park.

Routine cleaning services help ensure your car park is both a professional and flattering impression of your company, as well as a safe environment for customers and employees.

Regular cleaning and maintenance increases the life, safety and appearance of your car park, preventing costly repairs in the future.

car park cleaning before

car park cleaning - after

Clearview Cleaning Services have a team of professional cleaning operatives who can provide car park cleaning services, day and night. Equipped with top quality equipment and cleaning chemicals allow us to tackle the most difficult cleaning needs such as oil spillages etc.

clearview - car park power washed & re-sanded

Car park – power washed & re-sanded

Grafitti cleaning

Grafitti can ruin the appearance of your personal property and business. Removal needs to be carried out by professional cleaners due to the chemicals and equipment needed. We can clean various materials including masonry, limestone and marble.

  • Using latest in high pressure rotary equipment providing high quality professional cleaning
  • High pressure hot water cleaning equipment for large open areas, cleaning rapidly and cost effectively.
  • Flat surface cleaning to minimise spray and splatter of dirt/debris, means cleaning within vicinity of public with minimum risk
  • Improving the look of your property by  restoring the area to original splendour but also maintaining the safety if your investment by cleaning slippery hazardous surfaces


Sealed Block Paving

sealed block paving - before

sealed block paving - after


Tarmac Cleaning

tarmac cleaning - before

tarmac cleaning - after

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